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Please see details below of our latest lighting products for hire.

All of our mobile tower lights are fitted with the latest LED heads, offering far superior levels of illumination, huge savings on fuel consumption and reduced emissions. Due to the reduced power requirements of the LED lights all of our tower lights have the ability to be powered from a 13a domestic plug socket in complete silence. We also now have telematic systems fitted to our newest tower lights allowing remote operation and monitoring ( including fuel management ) from any smart phone.

We are also very pleased to be the first company to introduce to the market both the Cotton Bud light and Mega Bud light. These compact and portable lights are capable of lighting areas up to 4000sq m giving 127,000 lumens in virtual silence and will run from 16amp or 13amp sockets.  The collapsable Umbrella light is another new addition to our range, giving off 16000 lumens over a 50m radius, and can be powered from a domestic 13A plug socket.

In addition we also have a range of battery powered LED lights, the new K10 360 is an evolution of the old K9, fitted with all new lithium batteries they are not only brighter than the K9 but nearly 5kg lighter! The compact design offers integrally stored 6ft mast and both focused and 360 degree lighting with the ability of remote operation and battery life monitoring via the smart phone app.

Our incredibly versatile range of lights have been used by many recent TV and film productions including Game of Thrones, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Jason Bourne, Transformers: The Last Knight and many more. They also provide a great solution to lighting public car parks and walkways and have been used by many local firework displays.

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