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We have recently added a fleet of ATVs (gators) to our product range. This new addition allows us to extend our offering to the film industry and beyond, maintaining our ethos of premium quality products, with first class customer service and support. These all-terrain, 4 wheel-drive vehicles are fit for all surfaces and sites. Fitted with independent front and rear suspension as standard, passenger comfort is maintained, even over the roughest terrain.

All ATVs come fuelled with 30 litres of either normal diesel or low emission diesel - your choice. All our equipment can run on either GTL or HGL fuel, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 90% and NOx emissions between 9 and 25% depending on engine, load and environment.

They can comfortably carry 4 people plus a load (of 300kg or 500kg if the passenger seats are folded down), and with the hydraulic-lift, unloading is a simple switch of a button.  With the front and rear independent suspension, passenger comfort is never comprised, no matter what terrain.

When the rear passenger seats are folded down, the rear cargo bed can carry up to 500kg - which is industry-leading capacity. These ATVs also have a tow bar so can pull a weight of up to half a tonne, reducing the number of trips needed to transfer multiple items. To find out more, or to get a quote, please get in touch here.
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